Waterjet Cutting

So you’d like to cut the hardest metal on Earth. What are you going to use? Steel? Diamonds? The fists of Floyd Mayweather? No way. Not even close. The answer is…are you ready…water.


That’s right. Water. More specifically, Water Jet Cutting Technology. ID3 Group uses this advanced sophistication to carve through steel, aluminum, wood, stainless steel, granite, and even titanium, using the water jet process. And not only will it carve through the hardest of metals like a hot knife through butter, but it will cut even the hardest metal, up to six inches thick, with such precision and cleanliness, you won’t believe that the newly shaped metal piece hasn’t always been that way.

Water Jet technology cuts clean. Water Jetting cuts free of burrs, slag, and other problems that are generally associated with conventional cutting techniques. Water jetting also cuts better than what seems like futuristic type cutting devices, like the ones that utilize plasma, laser, and torch technology. You will find that your highly-accurate cuts don’t have the typical torn, rough edges that you get with other cutting technologies. And the ability to stack material sheets offers extra efficiency and congruency to your project.

You won’t have to worry about things like material deformation or heat damages, regardless of what types of material you need cut. And even though Waterjet Cutting is typically reserved for super-hard materials like titanium, at ID3 Group, we can use it for rubber, cork, and plastic as well. The results are consistent with harder materials, in that your rubber, cork, or plastic water jetting project materials are clean, precise, and perfect for your project!