3D Scanning


Impact. Pizzazz. WOW Factor. You know the reasons why you’ve decided to approach your newest marketing piece from not 1, not 2, but 3 Dimensions! Regardless of whether you’re looking to have your logo, sign, animated character, or replica example product re-created in a multi-dimensional, tangible, bigger than life 3D image, the first technical step in the process involves 3D Scanning. Some people call it 3D Laser Scanning. We call it a great leap forward in large-scale production technology. You and your client will call it the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

The actual process involves the digital recreation of a real life object, or a modification of a computer generated image. Some scanning devices are contact based, some are touchless. Inside of the non-contact realm, most 3D Scanners fall into either the passive or active categories. Most multidimensional scanners use some sort of triangulation, while utilizing amazing advancements in simple geometrical principles.

It may sound like a bunch of technical jargon, but for your client’s new project, our advanced 3D Scanning process is sometimes the most important step forward in visualizing, and eventually completing, the project at hand. At ID3 Group, we use computer-controlled, digital 3 dimensional scanners. This gives us the upper hand in product creation verses design firms that use older technologies. Whether we go from sketches to maquettes before we scan, or whether we scan objects you have already designed or began to create for your client, ID3 Group can help you fully actualize your 3D Dreams.

This technology is so advanced, and so potentially precise, that it has been used to re-create dinosaur skeletons from fossils, from photos of what scientists think the dinosaur looked like, or from an actual skeleton that museum curators would like to preserve a replica of. This is especially true if the real object is desired to be kept in a more agreeable, and less biodegradable situation than in an open-air museum room. Even flaws in the skeleton can be built into the design, thanks to the exactness of the scanning process!

At the ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your dreams! Your 3Dimensional dreams! So stop dreaming in 2 dimensions, especially when reaching your client’s vision of large-scale 3D production. 3Dimensioneering® may be beyond your wildest dreams, but it’s not beyond the scope of ID3 Group's capabilities! Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour, contact ID3 Group, or check out more amazing proofs of our 3D Scanning technology!