Custom Mold Creation and Casting


At ID3 Group, the Mold Creation and Casting processes are a big chunk of our 3Dimensioneering® process. We have the capabilities to create unbelievably cool, big “wow-factor” type structures, and we are ready, willing, and able to pass our experience, expertise, and equipment technologies on to you and your client’s big, dreamy project! Mold Creation and Casting is quite possibly the most important section of engineering when attempting to bring 3Dimensional objects to life.

Resting somewhere in between the 3D Scanning and the Full-Scale Completion realms of 3D actualizing, custom mold creation and custom mold casting is accomplished through a big variety of methods, using a variety of potential materials. And quite fittingly, we take a virtual image that has been scanned, multi-dimensionally, and begin to bring it to life by first using liquefied, or liquefiable, pliable solid materials. But before the liquid is actually utilized, we must have form plates, or what would be the imaginary outer shell of whatever you want to fabricate. We would usually trial and error some smaller scale examples of the bigger project, hoping to troubleshoot any design flaws, or uncover anything that might potentially become a problem. You definitely want to know IF something is going to work before you build a 50 foot version of it. That’s where the experience of ID3 Group can save you and your client a lot of wasted time, energy, and resources. And when you have a staunch deadline, this is so important.

After the small scale replicas have been perfected, then comes the fun part. In the same respect, the imaged object would be transferred into giant ghost shells, so that whatever liquefiable object that your 3D magic will be made of can be poured into the casting. Once it begins to take shape, we undergo many advanced processes, including the final stages of hard-coating and painting, which will permanently lock in the shape of the once pliable materials. And before you know it, your wildest dreams have come true, and your 50-foot tall, animated custom logo is standing in front of you!

Whatever you or your client have dreamed of building, ID3 Group can bring those dreams to life. At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your Dreams. Your 3Dimensional Dreams! Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour, contact ID3 Group, or check out more proof of our 3Dimensioneering®!