Special Effects! We love them! In movies. In film. In our favorite television programs. In musicals and theatre productions. In interactive experiences. At live shows. Wherever we might be watching our favorite version of alternate realities, whether they are live or recorded, we want the special effects to indeed be special! If special effects aren’t special, then they’re just, well, effects. And how effectual can special effects be if they’re average, or ridiculous, or lame?

They world of special effects is unfathomably limitless, and so is ID3 Group’s abilities to design, create, and implement them for your or your client’s creative project. It’s not all CGI, as critics of the industry would have you believe. Real, believable Special Effects take time for preparation, and a dedication to excellence. You will find these characteristics, and many more, when you choose to partner with ID3 Group for your creative workmanship. Take the Dreambuilder’s Tour to begin what will no doubt be one of your best decisions in your entire project; and that’s letting ID3 Group help build your Special Effect dreams!