Project Management

If you have ever had a big creative project with many various workers, elements, or other components involved, you know how valuable great project managers can be. And if you’ve seen a project fail due to the lack of quality project management, then you know how much you wish you had hired a quality project management team.


At ID3 Group, we specialize in working with you to evaluate the upcoming project. This helps point everyone in the same direction to fulfill your project’s fabrication requirements. You know that a project’s success hinges squarely on having keen attention paid rigorously to every detail. At ID3 Group, we keep that same level of attention throughout the entire process, from the primary input sessions to fabrication, installation, and post-installation processes. This allows you to focus on the other aspects of your client’s program, and leave fabrication and delivery in the experienced, capable hands of ID3 Group.

Our project management specializations include, but are not limited to:

Estimating and Budgeting • Strategic collaboration • Value engineering • Production design development • CAD Engineering and Drafting • Job Costing • Logistics Coordination • Warehousing • Post-Show Summarizing and Reporting