Queue Experiences


One of the necessary evils of theme parks is…you guessed it….long lines! But let’s face it. Why would a theme park have long lines? Simply put, it’s because the rides are SO AWESOME! If you ever see a theme park with short lines, on a summer day, holiday, or weekend, you can almost always guess that particular ride is lame. But you obviously want to build rides that people will enjoy. So what’s the solution? Build an equally awesome queue experience, and turn a necessary evil into a necessary AWESOME! You’ve already got a great theme park design, so don’t skimp on the queue experiences!

Quite often, people put so much emphasis on the destination, they forget about the drive. When you’re talking about amusement parks, any lull in the entertainment is simply bad business. And as our society grows increasingly bored if there is even a moment of disengagement, then we could very well see the entire experience tainted. This rings true, especially in reference to America’s post-millennial youth. They can go from zero to bored in 4.3 seconds or less!

The good news is, that even waiting in line can be a fun, interactive experience! Utilizing props, staging, and scenery, as well as music, sound fx, or theme songs, you can really alter the atmospheric ambience of your queue experience. You can even take it a step further, with video, fabricated “live” feeds that utilize interactive media, or even professional hidden staging that allots for ride-based characters to make an entrance. One project at ID3 Group even has directly interactive technology that can turn the live image of someone into an altered, costumed re-translation of the person looking in the interactive “mirror.” How fun is that?!

At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your dreams. We can build your dreams even if you have no idea how you will ever get there. But just like waiting in line to ride your favorite ride, ID3 Group will always come through with producing the very best of all your most wildly imagined theme park experiences, including great queue experiences. Check out our capabilities, our services, and make the right decision. Let ID3 Group build your dreams today.