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Set Design Fabrication

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The avid, worldwide resurgence of concerts has been great for the consumers of music. Especially for fans of 80s music, when concerts were quite an event to behold. Fans bought these musician’s albums back then, and they might have even seen them in concert. Some fans might have even followed them around on a “World Tour.”

While they may be having fun re-living the past with their fans and whatever is left of their bandmates, this has been a move of necessity on the end of the music industry because of disappearing royalty revenue streams. Regardless of the reasons why there are more concerts than before revenue streams vanished, the beneficiaries of this revitalized phenomenon is the one group that concerts have always really been about…the fans!

There are two things that fans demand when seeing their favorite band:

  • That the band sounds amazing
  • That the staging and setup looks cool

Almost any other items can be dealt with if these two things happen. So if you have been commissioned to design, build, or oversee any element of a big concert or musical event, look to ID3 Group to help you complete the process. We have the expertise, the fabrication capabilities, and the staging know-how to help you make this project your best ever. Rock on!


Similar to concerts, “shows” can refer to musicals, theatre reviews, or anything in that realm. They are typically indoor, inside bigger arenas or theatres, but can also be outdoors, interactive, or any other combination of elements that a Show Writer can dream up. If you are this dreamer, or you’ve been consulted by this kind of dreamer, and need the assistance of ID3 Group’s vast arrays of personnel, vision, service, and fabrication, then take the DreamBuilder’s Tour today. You can be closer to realizing your or your client’s dreams than you ever thought possible.


Most people think that if a show is based outdoors, or is set somewhere besides a stationary medium, then all the accented elements just happened to have been there. This is simply not true! But you know that! Because you either make television programming, or you have been hired by someone who does. So whether you “just know you need something,” you have firmly in mind what you want to do, or you have already begun production, ID3 Group is ready and willing to partner with you on any part of the journey you need us. At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your dreams. Your television dreams!

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