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One of the greatest aspects of parades is that they are based largely around special events and holidays. They also have the added advantage of being a thing that is fun, held in a place that is normally all business. It’s almost like a moving party in the streets! Very often, these events are constructed with kids in mind. But adults like them too, for reasons that could be tied to a history of watching Thanksgiving Day parades on busy New York City streets. Not to mention the coolness of seeing your favorite Cartoon Characters supersized and brought to tangible life! Simply put, parades are awesome!

Parades and parade floats, while they may seem like an older format, involve many of the elements that modern day consumers pine for, including the fact that they are largely interactive! Although it doesn’t seem to take a lot of talent to stand on a passing float and wave on onlookers, it takes an astounding amount of talent, effort, and execution to actually make a parade float. At least it takes those things to make a quality float, or any other parade element.

If you have agreed to participate in a parade, whether that means literally being in the parade, or preparatory production for someone else who is, ID3 Group is ready, willing, and able to help you with any part of the process. If you need a vision put on paper, ID3 Group can help. If you don’t quite have your vision fully completed, ID3 Group can help. If you know completely what you want your parade element to be, but can’t quite start the physical process of building, ID3 Group can help. And if you are knee-deep in building, and need assistance to finish out the project, ID3 Group can help there, too. Contact ID3 Group and be one major step closer to watching your Parade dreams come true!

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