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Fabrication for Interactive Design

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Long gone are the days in which we paid attention because we were supposed to, or because someone demanded our attention by verbal threats. Smartphones, tablets, 3D gaming helmets, the internet, all these things have combined with many other factors to make our attention spans shorter and shorter. Is it in my hand? Can I control the action? Even TV is often not enough to fully engage us. We might have our phone, our laptop, and whatever else going at the same time.

As technological innovators, we can do two things:

  • We can resist the societal changes that frighten some businesses (boo)
  • We can change how we interact with society, and frighten the competition (!)

At ID3 Group, we are fully capable of showing you how to choose the greater solution, the interactive option, every time. Even if you can’t yet visualize the finished product, ID3 Group is ready, willing, and capable to help you realize your dreams of building experiences that are fully equipped with Interactive Engagement opportunities.

Even as you read this, you might find yourself growing antsy because you, as a consumer of this page, are not yet fully in control of the conversation!

Well, let’s change that! If you would like to see the next section written by a professional member of ID3 Group, click below.

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ID3 Group Member

Companies who want to grow, must keep their clients engaged. Good. We’ve established that. But HOW you keep them engaged can often be as important as the fact THAT you have kept them engaged. Consumer engagement can be some of the most prime times to optimize brand activation, product introduction, or any other conversation starter that you think is worth advertising. Thanks for reading!

If you’d rather see a short story from a 7-year old, click below.

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7-year old

My mommy and daddy love to take me to theme parks! They think that I’m not watching them, when they’re watching me, but I am! I know that seeing me happy and giggling makes them happy on the inside, so I don’t hide it! When I get to play with things at my favoritest theme park, I always have fun. And that makes everybody happy!

Or, if you’d rather just see a cool 3D lion sculpture, click below.

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3D Lion Sculpture

See, wasn’t that much more fun? As much as you’d hate to admit it, you actually were probably a little more excited to click through and read those interactive sections, than if you were simply reading the material.

At ID3 Group, we realize how important interactive engagement can be for new customers. And we also realize that it’s not always easy to pull off high-quality, interactive experiences for your business.

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