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If your interactive show has automated or remotely controlled elements, you need a precise, turnkey solution for controlling the action. You’ve spent avid time and resources dreaming, designing, fabricating, and installing your Visuals, Aesthetics, Lighting, Sound, Video, Graphics, and SFX elements for your creative engagement. It only makes sense that you would spend the time necessary to make all those exciting elements work correctly, conjunctively, and cohesively.

Custom Show Control experts are often best thought of as the people “behind the curtain,” like the namesake from the Wizard of Oz. And similarly, their desire to have no attention paid to themselves, but rather that all attention paid to the sensational elements that they are controlling. Seem impossible? Well it’s not! Especially if you partner with ID3 Group to help you with conceptualizing, fabricating, constructing, installing, activating, or implementing your custom show control project.

At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your dreams. Your concert and live show dreams. Your musical and theatre dreams. Your interactive exhibit dreams. Your Design and Fabrication dreams. Whatever project that you or your client are dreaming of, ID3 Group can help you. If the show truly must go on, you want to take full advantage of Custom Show Control with ID3 Group. Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour today!

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